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By Jim Gerland and Mark Winer

Check out our bi-weekly Net perspective. Our goal is to make these columns useful for our readers whether they be novice or pro, while still offering a fun to read column. Feel free to let us know what Internet resources you find useful in your personal, educational, or business life - it might just end up in one of our columns!


Your site needs more than a simple phone line to handle the traffic that the World Wide Web has. Unlike many Web providers we are connected the internet via a full T1 connection. This connection will assure that your information will be transfered quickly and reliably to your customers.


Would you like to know everything about your on-line customers? After Five offers a proprietary click-through service, by which you can follow visitors as they browse your site. See just how many and how much time customers spend at your site. This feature will allow you to moderate and determine what the strong sections of your site are and see which spots may benefit from further development.

In addition, every client on Harbor Point receives a comprehensive monthly report that breaks down their hits by week, time of day, domains, as well as the directories and files accessed most.

On most other servers, it can truly be a hassle to update time-sensitive information. Updates such as the scheduling of events, special deals and sales, and statistics can be controlled by you the web site owner. Instead of paying a high premium to your web provider’s programmer or trying to learn to code procedures yourself, After Five offers you an alternative: our easy-to-use update mechanism which will update information instantaneously, using a simple form in your favorite web browser.


After Five can provide a safe and secure pathway to transfer data between you and your customers. Your information, communication and personal data (i.e. credit and debit card numbers) along with your customers can be encrypted to make sure only those who are meant to see this information are the only ones able.


After Five will set up an e-mail address so that you can broaden your communication channels. In turn, your customers will be able to contact you with suggestions, ideas and general questions that can be beneficial you your success.


We recommend that our clients register a domain name, which gives their World Wide Web site a unique name and identity in cyberspace. (For example, After Five will assist you in selecting and registering a unique domain name.